Best Food Blogs


This year’s batch of my favorite fellow foodies with scrumptious blogs.


Bev Cooks: I’m mildly obsessed with Bev, and because we share a friend and have interacted like one time, I like to pretend we’re friends. But honestly: her adorable tone gives everyone that impression, so she is probably leading me on.

Recent favorite: Roasted Indian Cauliflower & Chickpeas, because I want all the cauliflower things.


Chocolate & Zucchini: Clotilde Dusoulier is a French food writer based in Paris. Her blog is fantastic and brimming with delicious ideas and a fresh approach.

Recent favorite: Clotilde’s Paris Favorites, full of restaurant & cafe recommendations. Bon appetit!


In Jennie’s Kitchen: I fell in mad like with Jennie a couple of years ago, and particularly loved that many of her posts came with music recommendations (a habit I’ve adopted).

Recent favorite: Galette des Rois, Jennie’s version of the French puff pastry served on Epiphany.


nwaFoodie: Ok, Lyndi is legitimately my friend – she returns my calls and geeks out with me over local restaurants and ethnic food. So I’m biased, but her blog is literally adorable. Go!

Recent favorite: Any of the Five Foodie Finds For Friday series!

Past List (I still love them all!):




  1. We share faves!

    1. Well, of course we do!!! 😉

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