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Fall Food Adventures in Arkansas

One of the most intriguing things to experience is a new taste – perhaps a seasoning or cooking method, the flavor of a different strain of ethnic food, an assertive new wine or a cocktail with a dramatic spin. I’ve been on sensory overload this past week with new tastes in all of those categories […]

Northern Indian Food Part 3: Malai Kofta

Hopefully, you’ve been enjoying the posts in this short series on Northern Indian food from a marathon cooking session in my friend Srividya Venkatasubramanya’s kitchen. In the first post, I covered tandoori roti (delicious Indian flatbread), and in the second I covered the basmati rice and some of Vidya’s kitchen essentials. Today, finally, we arrive […]

Northern Indian Food Part 2: Your Basmati Doesn’t Even Smell!

Last time, I shared with you the first part of this series with the making of tandoori roti or phulka (delicious Indian flatbread) made in the kitchen of my friend Srividya. Here’s more from our marathon morning of cooking (i.e. she cooked, and I peppered her with questions, tasted everything, took photos and generally got […]

Divinely Created for Mango Consumption

Certain foods just have a complete and very distinct aura that makes them exceptionally unique, I think. For me, one of the most interesting has to be the mango. During my elementary school years, we lived in Kingston, Jamaica. The company house was up on top of Stony Hill, at the very end of a […]

Northern Indian Food Part 1: Tandoori Roti

So, I’ve taunted you for a while with the claim that I was fortunate to spend a morning in the kitchen of my friend Srividya Venkatasubramanya. Finally, I’m sharing the details! I was fortunate to meet Vidya when our two oldest children attended Evergreen Academy in downtown Rogers. She and her family had only recently […]