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A Cutting Confession (archives)

This post appeared on The Little Magpie in November 2011. The thing about dads is that the good ones are silent, steady and striking in their parenting. Their tactics sort of sneak up on you. I, for example, am a rather predictable mom. And, my mom was also fairly predictable in her expectations of me […]

Ode to the Manual Citrus Press

Everyone seems very fond of their juicer/juice extractor, and I confess they seem quite lovely.  I, however, will remain smitten with my manual citrus press.  I’ve mentioned before that I’m pretty enthusiastic about chopping things up and find it enjoyable and therapeutic. I’m not certain, but I think with the fancy juicers like this one, […]

A Cutting Confession

This post about dads, my knives and knife sharpening is over here at The Little Magpie:

Favorite Kitchen Tools

I’ve read a few articles in trendy home magazines about people who are so chic, so uptown, so fabulous that rather than cook, they use the kitchens in their oh-so-moderne studios as additional storage.  Witness the woman who keeps sweaters neatly folded in her oven and various home gadgets in her (unplugged) fridge.  While it […]