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Bacon Blasphemy & Fried Green Tomato Sliders

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend one of my favorite travel and tourism trade shows: Travel South Showcase, held this year in Charleston, West Virginia.  In fact, I realized that I have attended the show on and off for a solid decade now, since my husband accompanied me for the first time to […]

Capricious Caprese

I think this has to be one of my top five summer meals. I could (and often do) eat it weekly during peak basil season. I’m exceptionally thankful for the enormous rain this afternoon to keep the basil and other remains of my herb garden alive. There can’t be a much prettier spread!

Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries

I can’t claim to have ever been a particularly enthusiastic maraschino cherry consumer. They’ve really only made a few notable appearances in my life: most frequently (annually) in Mom’s famous rum cake. That recipe will never appear here, by the way; she would slaughter me. I’m honestly shocked I have a copy of it. As […]

Ode to the Manual Citrus Press

Everyone seems very fond of their juicer/juice extractor, and I confess they seem quite lovely.  I, however, will remain smitten with my manual citrus press.  I’ve mentioned before that I’m pretty enthusiastic about chopping things up and find it enjoyable and therapeutic. I’m not certain, but I think with the fancy juicers like this one, […]

Simple Summer Pasta Salad (hot or cold)

I’m fairly certain I happened upon the perfect summer meal.  It’s definitely possible that I’ll be the only one enamored of it, but… it’s worth sharing anyway! I’ve never been one of those cooks who has mastered the magazine-esque approach to making a meal early in the week and then turning it into multiple meals […]

Keeping it Simple: 3 Ingredient Dishes

If you don’t read Real Simple magazine, I recommend it enthusiastically.  Per my mantra, cooking should not be overwhelming.  Simplicity is essential to encourage people to spend more (er, less) time in the kitchen. One of the things I love about Real Simple is that the magazine (and blog and website) consistently delivers articles that […]