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Why More Panko Is Like More Cowbell {Quick Crab Cakes}

There is very little I love as much as seafood, and crabmeat is way at the top of the list. So when I found some lump crab meat at Sam’s Club recently, I scooped it right up. Sam’s really is a great go-to for seafood (as illustrated by our incredible ahi tuna on Valentine’s Day), […]

Gorgonzola Pasta with Kale, Baby Bellas + #STAROliveOil Giveaway!

So, startling revelation in the kitchen Chez Stephens this week.  By the way, this is a sponsored post for the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® community, but I only work with products I love, so no need to fret about my opinions being purchased or the mob trying to keep me quiet! First, background: I really love cooking […]

The Bentonville Farmers’ Market Contends

It’s pretty well known that I am a die-hard fan of historic downtown Rogers and the Rogers Farmers’ Market.  However, I had a really good time this past Saturday shaking things up a bit by visiting the Bentonville Farmers’ Market!  I had a budget of $50, and I think it is truly incredible what can […]

Capricious Caprese

I think this has to be one of my top five summer meals. I could (and often do) eat it weekly during peak basil season. I’m exceptionally thankful for the enormous rain this afternoon to keep the basil and other remains of my herb garden alive. There can’t be a much prettier spread!

Simple Summer Pasta Salad (hot or cold)

I’m fairly certain I happened upon the perfect summer meal.  It’s definitely possible that I’ll be the only one enamored of it, but… it’s worth sharing anyway! I’ve never been one of those cooks who has mastered the magazine-esque approach to making a meal early in the week and then turning it into multiple meals […]

Parmesan & Nut-Crusted Fish

First, as I type this, I am devouring some strawberry and basil scones concocted by my sister.  Rest assured I’ll track down the supposed simple recipe and post here.  She swears she thought them inedible and almost trashed them.  Heathen! In the interim, I’ve been day dreaming about a favorite recipe of ours: essentially, a […]

Baked Salmon & Quinoa Yumminess

Our standard salmon has just about reached perfection, and that happy moment when a recipe or way you make something becomes second nature – no double checking instructions. I’ve purchased salmon at three places recently – our regular grocery store, a dedicated butcher/seafood market and a gourmet grocery store that brings in fresh fish daily.  […]