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A Cutting Confession (archives)

This post appeared on The Little Magpie in November 2011. The thing about dads is that the good ones are silent, steady and striking in their parenting. Their tactics sort of sneak up on you. I, for example, am a rather predictable mom. And, my mom was also fairly predictable in her expectations of me […]

Divinely Created for Mango Consumption

Certain foods just have a complete and very distinct aura that makes them exceptionally unique, I think. For me, one of the most interesting has to be the mango. During my elementary school years, we lived in Kingston, Jamaica. The company house was up on top of Stony Hill, at the very end of a […]

The Kitchen Tour: A Decade Retrospective

Ok, I have some fun to share. After Lyndi (aka nwaFoodie) posted an exceptionally kind, adorable and generous tour of my kitchen, I kept sort of staring at her pictures and thinking to myself (indulge me): “That is a cute kitchen. ¬†Surely it isn’t mine?” Honestly, I have hated components of our house for so […]

Comfort. Food.

Those two words are pretty good independently, right? But together… they take on a luster that is most likely appealing to every human. The neat thing is the way we interpret “comfort food” to meet our own distinct definition – unique to each of us and not necessarily even shared among notoriously close duos like […]

(Foodie) Life Lessons Learned from Mom – Part 5

If you’ve been landing at and then exploring my series of (Foodie) Life Lessons Learned from Mom here on The Food Adventuress, thanks! Here’s the fifth (and final) obsession installment: I’ve mentioned the life lessons of no special treatment, preparation, reading the instructions and proceeding slowly, seeking inspiration and embellishing. Finally, life lesson five: […]

(Foodie) Life Lessons Learned from Mom – Part 4

Clearly, it isn’t easy to encapsulate all that I’ve learned in the kitchen and in life from my Mom in one paltry series of blog posts. I feel a bit below par just for recording them here rather than with pen and paper. However, what matters is that the thoughts and memories are captured, rather […]

(Foodie) Life Lessons Learned from Mom – Part 3

By current standards, I would most definitely have been diagnosed as ADD or ADHD.¬† While in my first nonprofit gig with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Arkansas years ago, I remember attending a workshop where I learned of the supposedly telltale physical signs of such afflictions: the way hair parts on the scalp and […]