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How The 5 Ps of Marketing Make Healthy Kids

Or: How Product, Place, Promotion and Price Lead To Parenting Profit. Or: How We’ve Cultivated Kids Who Eat Well (Most Of The Time) This is not an “I’ve got it all figured out, so gather round and listen to my wisdom” kind of post. I’m very aware these days of the idea that everyone is […]

On Starting Down The Foodie Path

Our oldest daughter – now 11 – has been in and around the kitchen at The Good House a good part of her life. For several years, she’s made a substantial fair season income tending to the neighbors’ chickens, and she’s done plenty of cooking (and assisting) on and off since she was old enough […]

Food Feasts Around the World

So, it’s no secret that I love food, travel and learning about foodie culture around the world.  Did you catch the series on Northern Indian Food earlier this year thanks to hours in the kitchen of my friend Srividya?  I’ve also always been riveted by Jewish foods and their deep symbolism, and am on a […]

Parmesan & Nut-Crusted Fish

First, as I type this, I am devouring some strawberry and basil scones concocted by my sister.  Rest assured I’ll track down the supposed simple recipe and post here.  She swears she thought them inedible and almost trashed them.  Heathen! In the interim, I’ve been day dreaming about a favorite recipe of ours: essentially, a […]

Asian Peanut Noodles with Tofu

Ingredients Olive Oil, 2 tbspGarlic, 2 tbspRed Pepper, 1 large, juliennedCarrot Strips, 1/2 cupSugar Snap Peas, about 30 (1 cup or so)Firm Tofu, 8 oz, cubedEgg Noodles, 6 – 12 oz packagePeanut Butter, 2 tbspRice Vinegar, 4 tbspBrown Sugar, 4 tbspLime Juice, 3 tbsp or juice of 1 limeSesame Oil or Olive Oil, 2 tbspRed […]