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A Cutting Confession (archives)

This post appeared on The Little Magpie in November 2011. The thing about dads is that the good ones are silent, steady and striking in their parenting. Their tactics sort of sneak up on you. I, for example, am a rather predictable mom. And, my mom was also fairly predictable in her expectations of me […]

Evernote Food + Roasted Red Pepper & Corn Chowder

Foodie App: Evernote Food I’m an enthusiastic user of Evernote as my “brain” – my go-to throughout the day for meeting notes, drafting articles and emails and keeping up with all sorts of information in a permanent and highly-accessible mobile file box. So, I recently tried out the Evernote Food apps for iPhone and iPad, […]

Chilln in the Kitchn

Have you checked out The Kitchn? It’s a fantastic food and cooking site curated by the folks over at Apartment Therapy, widely known for its stylish design guidance. This is one foodie website that is well-worth subscribing to for the daily email or RSS feed. A couple such recent gems: Our Best Lessons & Recipes […]

Asian Cooking Resources

Ok first – the obvious.  I’m not Asian, and I’m not a chef.  So if you’re looking for some hoity-toity post or highly-developed fusion style, this is not your blog.  However, I’ve loved Asian food since I was a kid.  When I was very small, we lived in Suriname (known as Dutch Guyana), a small […]