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How The 5 Ps of Marketing Make Healthy Kids

Or: How Product, Place, Promotion and Price Lead To Parenting Profit. Or: How We’ve Cultivated Kids Who Eat Well (Most Of The Time) This is not an “I’ve got it all figured out, so gather round and listen to my wisdom” kind of post. I’m very aware these days of the idea that everyone is […]

A New Look + New Adventures

Oh, hi. I’ve been a bad food adventurer. In my (pitiful) defense, 2013 has been a roller coaster: ups, downs, delights and disappointments.  Great food, drink and conversation have been woven throughout.  And, I have some really exciting news coming soon (later this month on The Little Magpie and Magpie Marketing) that just might put me […]

On food, wine and books

Today I did the things I love to do, with the enthusiasm and confidence that I enjoy them, I do not do them as a living and I will never be expert in their execution. It’s shocking to think that, frankly, that is the definition of a hobby. If we are expert, the things we […]

Comfort. Food.

Those two words are pretty good independently, right? But together… they take on a luster that is most likely appealing to every human. The neat thing is the way we interpret “comfort food” to meet our own distinct definition – unique to each of us and not necessarily even shared among notoriously close duos like […]

Quickie Pork Carnitas (Or, How to Throw Caution to the Wind in the Kitchen)

We’re trying something a little new around here tonight – a quickie version of pork carnitas.  I thought rather than simply post a recipe, it would be fun to walk you through the cooking thought process as I make it less threatening.  By and large, I find this is the most common hang-up in the […]

A few disclaimers & general rules

Welcome! I’m most appreciative of your interest in this blog.  However, if you’re going to read it, let’s set a few ground rules, shall we?  Here’s what you can expect: 1.  I’m a vegetarian, and the vast majority of my recipes are the same.  However, I cook a number of items for meat eaters, so […]