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How The 5 Ps of Marketing Make Healthy Kids

Or: How Product, Place, Promotion and Price Lead To Parenting Profit. Or: How We’ve Cultivated Kids Who Eat Well (Most Of The Time) This is not an “I’ve got it all figured out, so gather round and listen to my wisdom” kind of post. I’m very aware these days of the idea that everyone is […]

On Starting Down The Foodie Path

Our oldest daughter – now 11 – has been in and around the kitchen at The Good House a good part of her life. For several years, she’s made a substantial fair season income tending to the neighbors’ chickens, and she’s done plenty of cooking (and assisting) on and off since she was old enough […]

A Cutting Confession (archives)

This post appeared on The Little Magpie in November 2011. The thing about dads is that the good ones are silent, steady and striking in their parenting. Their tactics sort of sneak up on you. I, for example, am a rather predictable mom. And, my mom was also fairly predictable in her expectations of me […]

Food Memory Linky Party

So… while scrolling Facebook, I came across a post via My Love For Cooking (she’s kind of adorable) that had me all aflutter. It was about Childhood Memory Foods, in essence. I have to confess I didn’t read the whole thing because I became super-distracted by the food memories swirling through my head. I realized […]

Comfort. Food.

Those two words are pretty good independently, right? But together… they take on a luster that is most likely appealing to every human. The neat thing is the way we interpret “comfort food” to meet our own distinct definition – unique to each of us and not necessarily even shared among notoriously close duos like […]

Serenity on the Porch

This morning, I was served up some fantastic homemade French toast. There’s a lot to be said for the perfect breakfast, and in particular, the perfect Saturday morning breakfast. I’m decidedly biased in favor of the way I was raised, but with that disclaimer: I feel like it’s an indicator of a good family when […]

Take out & eat!

Hi!  Welcome back, or just welcome. The Food Adventuress has been on hiatus.  Like most creative ventures, there are times when the muse is present and times when she is not.  I’ve always been pretty adamant about not forcing it, and writing when the time is right (or write). It was high time for more […]