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Foodie Flicks for Friday Night: The Hundred Foot Journey

I’m a sucker for a foodie flick (as illustrated by my Top Foodie Flicks post), and my family knows it. So, on a recent Saturday night when I was happily ensconced by the fireplace with a magazine and a glass of wine, I knew they had my number when they started snickering and told me […]

Food Feasts Around the World

So, it’s no secret that I love food, travel and learning about foodie culture around the world.  Did you catch the series on Northern Indian Food earlier this year thanks to hours in the kitchen of my friend Srividya?  I’ve also always been riveted by Jewish foods and their deep symbolism, and am on a […]

Northern Indian Food Part 3: Malai Kofta

Hopefully, you’ve been enjoying the posts in this short series on Northern Indian food from a marathon cooking session in my friend Srividya Venkatasubramanya’s kitchen. In the first post, I covered tandoori roti (delicious Indian flatbread), and in the second I covered the basmati rice and some of Vidya’s kitchen essentials. Today, finally, we arrive […]

Asian Cooking Resources

Ok first – the obvious.  I’m not Asian, and I’m not a chef.  So if you’re looking for some hoity-toity post or highly-developed fusion style, this is not your blog.  However, I’ve loved Asian food since I was a kid.  When I was very small, we lived in Suriname (known as Dutch Guyana), a small […]

Chang’s & Shirataki Style Lettuce Wraps

Our family has gotten pretty hooked on lettuce wraps – we love the vegetarian ones at P.F. Chang’s, but prefer to make our own version at home. Here’s a quick overview of the way we do it – if you make something similar, let me know your spin! And by the way: check out the […]

Quickie Pork Carnitas (Or, How to Throw Caution to the Wind in the Kitchen)

We’re trying something a little new around here tonight – a quickie version of pork carnitas.  I thought rather than simply post a recipe, it would be fun to walk you through the cooking thought process as I make it less threatening.  By and large, I find this is the most common hang-up in the […]

Asian Peanut Noodles with Tofu

Ingredients Olive Oil, 2 tbspGarlic, 2 tbspRed Pepper, 1 large, juliennedCarrot Strips, 1/2 cupSugar Snap Peas, about 30 (1 cup or so)Firm Tofu, 8 oz, cubedEgg Noodles, 6 – 12 oz packagePeanut Butter, 2 tbspRice Vinegar, 4 tbspBrown Sugar, 4 tbspLime Juice, 3 tbsp or juice of 1 limeSesame Oil or Olive Oil, 2 tbspRed […]