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A Word On Brunch.

In a very simplistic form, I am going to share with you what you need to know about brunch. Brunch Rules: It must be prepared in a leisurely manner. It is well worth suffering hunger pains to feed and subsequently entertain the kids in a far corner of your home in order to sit down […]

Delicious Pairings, Indeed!

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire. It is the time for home. ~ Edith Sitwell I had a complete revelation this week. I’ve always been a tremendous fan of food and wine pairings, and I love […]

Comfort. Food.

Those two words are pretty good independently, right? But together… they take on a luster that is most likely appealing to every human. The neat thing is the way we interpret “comfort food” to meet our own distinct definition – unique to each of us and not necessarily even shared among notoriously close duos like […]

Blogs, Coffee & The Hitchin’

Hey y’all, Just a brief update on my silence: my only sister is getting married this Saturday! So, we are in a bit of a frenzy with all the fun preparations, pre-parties and things to do. But don’t worry: I plan to treat myself to plenty of blogs and coffee next week as we all […]