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Pacific Northwest Fare

On a recent trip back to Washington state {Two Rivers Run Through It}, I took advantage of the opportunity to stuff my face with as much Pacific Northwest goodness as humanly possible. One of the definite highlights was sinking my teeth into fruit fresh from the orchards of my hometown {Apple Of My Eye}, but […]

Asian Cooking Resources

Ok first – the obvious.  I’m not Asian, and I’m not a chef.  So if you’re looking for some hoity-toity post or highly-developed fusion style, this is not your blog.  However, I’ve loved Asian food since I was a kid.  When I was very small, we lived in Suriname (known as Dutch Guyana), a small […]

Chang’s & Shirataki Style Lettuce Wraps

Our family has gotten pretty hooked on lettuce wraps – we love the vegetarian ones at P.F. Chang’s, but prefer to make our own version at home. Here’s a quick overview of the way we do it – if you make something similar, let me know your spin! And by the way: check out the […]