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Autumn Cornucopia Salad

It Wednesday today and is best day to eat Autumn Cornucopia Salad. So I decided to make it at home and share the recipe with all of my followers. Please follow the recipe below and make best autumn salad at home. (Don’t forget to try Tunisia Salad Recipe)


  • Boiled beef loin 0.4 KG.
  • Canned young peas – 9 L
  • Yellow cucumbers 130 gr
  • Cherry Tomatoes 450 grams
  • Dessert corn – 9 l.
  • Fresh early cabbage – 300 GR.
  • Roasted birch bark – 280 grams
  • Supplement – Beans – 370 grams
  • Fruits: watermelon – 3.5 pcs.
  • St Mor de Touraine Cheese – 50 gr
  • Head Salad – 390 grams
  • Cooked brown rice – 1.5 cups

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Pour fish and nuts with water, except that all products must be cleaned. And only after that we proceed to their shredder.
  2. Finely chop all the ingredients into rings and chop the pepper and onion.
  3. Break the remaining components coarsely.
  4. Wash crab sticks in boiled water, dry and blanch in salted water, then pass through the combine and put everything together with the remaining products.


Before mixing, we prepare a square dish or other dishes in which we put lettuce leaves on one side. And on the opposite side of the dishes we put a cucumber cut into slices. Then we put the vegetables and meat in a tall salad bowl together. And on top lay the green onions.

Salad Dressing:

Grease the salad with ketchup, add balsamic table vinegar and adjika. Then add one spoonful of vodka.


We bring the cooked salad to the table chilled. Before serving, lay the parsley branches on plates.

Good to Know:

Potato tastes better if garlic is added to the water when boiled. Bulb, laurel. leaf and sprig of thyme.

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