Top Ten NWA Food Blogs of 2015

GAAHHHH, you guys.

My pal (I want to put that right out front so it doesn’t have an effect on our chances of being elected to public office together for nondisclosure) nwaFoodie included The Food Adventuress as one of her “Top Ten NWA Food Blogs of 2015.”


First, let me confess that her affection is unwarranted. I am a very flaky foodie in terms of my post regularity (let’s be clear: my devotion to food is by no means flaky).


There aren’t too many things in life I overthink (fairly sure I can find witnesses on that point), but I just don’t post enough on The Food Adventuress to be recognized for much of anything.

For a minute I think she’s just being nice or doesn’t have the heart to cut me from the cheerleading squad.

But then, I realize this: she and I are kindred foodie spirits. I think my dear pal Lyndi recognizes in me a genuine, exuberant zest for food & wine.

In fact, it’s what drew us together lo so many years ago!


I think perhaps she is giving me accolades for my exuberance and for all that The Food Adventuress can be, all the foodie delights we share. I do that for her, too. In fact, a quick search for “nwaFoodie” on my site reveals that I mention her waaaaayyyy too frequently.

There was that one time we bought exactly the same completely random items for a food styling workshop, as just one example…


Because here’s the thing about foodies: we love good people, good meals, good drinks, good conversation, gathering together at the table and sharing all our best tips and secrets. That’s what makes a good foodie… and a good friend. {In fact, you ought to look into Lyndi’s post This I Believe… What Is A Foodie?}

So if she isn’t already on your radar, I hope you’ll go check out nwaFoodie. Girl’s got mad skills, and my vote for (foodie) cheerleading captain.

{Oh! Sneak peek: Lyndi, as well as our non-cooker but awesome foodie/photographer/mama/farmhouse maven/writer/decorater Jenny and I all randomly signed up for home tours back to back this summer on Arkansas Women Bloggers. I can guarantee it will be quite hilarious and you should tune in!}


But seriously. I luuurrrrvvvvve these girls.

Most photo credit here: Jenny Marrs + nwaFoodie.



  1. Oh, I love everything about this. You! Lyndi! Food! Wine! That ridiculously awkward photo of all of us posing like we are at the 7th grade Valentine’s dance! All of it!

    And, hilarious. I didn’t catch the fact that we all signed up for consecutive months of home tours. Amazing. I feel like we all need to meet for wine and food to discuss this. ASAP. Muah!

    1. Yes, it totally looks like we are at our first dance together because we couldn’t get dates, ha!

      And yes, we must definitely scheme. We can have some fun with this! XO back atcha (atch’all?)!

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