On Starting Down The Foodie Path

Our oldest daughter – now 11 – has been in and around the kitchen at The Good House a good part of her life.



Drama in the kitchen with Granddad.


First stab at a food truck?

For several years, she’s made a substantial fair season income tending to the neighbors’ chickens, and she’s done plenty of cooking (and assisting) on and off since she was old enough to don an apron or help in the garden.


Tending the garden; fine dining along The Katy Trail in Missouri.



At Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, bounty from the neighbors’ chickens, at James at the Mill with besties.

Recently, she’s show even more interest in food by concocting stylized breakfasts for her sister, handling all hard-boiled egg preparations for the household and lending a hand whenever she can wedge her way into the kitchen.



We realized that through the years when we watched food shows, she’s been soaking it all in quietly. Currently, she’s a big fan of Cupcake Wars.


And when we walked the rainy streets of Mobile, Alabama late at night to find that precise Oyster Bar (Wintzell’s, for the record) we’d visited a decade prior, she gamely shared our enthusiasm.


Lately, she’s been asking about cooking classes, so we’ve looked into the Junior Chef classes at Williams-Sonoma as a start.


Another food adventuress (or two) in the making? One can only hope. Fingers crossed.



  1. diningwithdebbie · · Reply

    Well, you just know I love this!

    1. You know it, Debbie! Me too! 🙂

  2. I’m proud to say I’ve dined on a Sophie creation and it was wonderful! #foodiegirls

  3. […] by “my family,” in this case I mean my husband and eleven year old burgeoning cook. We are in a a phase of not watching movies with the four year old due to her wiggling tendencies […]

  4. Jenny Marrs · · Reply

    This is just so sweet! I’m impressed by her skills!!! She can teach me a thing or two…’love this!

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