Southern Comfort: Article in Arkansas Life

The February issue of Arkansas Life magazine features quite a bit of foodie fun.

Although nothing can top the Height of the Harvest cover story with Chef Miles James from last fall, I’m always delighted to have the opportunity to write about Arkansas food and foodies – and contributing to a cover story is always a treat!


This month’s Southern Comfort feature on cooking up comfort foods with a twist gave me the opportunity to spend time with Chef Matt McClure at The Hive restaurant inside the 21C art hotel and with Chef Rob Nelson of Tusk & Trotter, both in downtown Bentonville.


Issues are available at Barnes & Noble, and Arkansas Life has a stunning new iPad app and free access to the digital edition if you’d like to read it online.  Hope you enjoy!


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  1. […] in a while with my real gig and I get to talk about fall food adventures in Arkansas, spend time chatting with some of the best new chefs in the region or gallivant around Moss Mountain Farm, the home of Arkansas gardening and lifestyle guru P. Allen […]

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