I ♥ Ball Mason Jars

I’ve mentioned before that I have a major chalkboard affliction (seriously, the tally around here is embarrassing) and alluded to a similar fixation with mason jars.

I love them because they are so iconic and simple – they evoke the past but serve a myriad of modern uses. My very favorite is definitely this vintage blue “Perfect Mason” jar, which I love in particular because of its large size but small opening – it is the perfect vase for a freshly-picked backyard bouquet and feels far more fitting in our 1905 house than a cut crystal vase. Complete with chalkboard, of course…

20131013-182126.jpg Ball mason jars are an affliction for me. They can be found in every single room in our house. On my bed table, a jar holds the coconut oil I use as moisturizer. In the bathroom, multiple jam jars hold makeup, hair bands, brushes and almond oil. In our attic play and craft space, wide-mouth quart jars hold colored pencils, paint brushes, markers and buttons. In several spots around the house, small jars hold my essentials (more on that later) and a handful of pens. In the kitchen and pantry, various sizes hold coffee beans, spices, grains, pastas, snacks and dozens of other essentials – all easy to identify and grab. Trust me, this too merits a separate post.

20131013-182845.jpg Happily, they also make exceptional drinking vessels and came in handy during a recent covert fall afternoon “work session” with a dear friend on my front porch.

20131013-191705.jpg I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to collaborate with Ball brands and to spend some quality time with the completely lovely blue Ball Heritage Collection Pint Jars, which are being produced in limited-edition (read: get yours quickly!) to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Ball brothers’ 1913 creation of the “Perfect Mason” jar in Muncie, Indiana. 20131013-192356.jpgBest of all, you have an opportunity to win a case of the Ball Heritage Collection Pint Jars for yourself! First, visit the FreshPreserving.com website – it’s chock full of recipes, canning ideas, links to projects as well as an e-newsletter and connections to the brand on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. The fine folks at Ball have some excellent canning tools and accessories, such as an Automatic Jam & Jelly Maker (mmm, fall apples = apple butter) and the basic Canning DIscovery Kit.  Check it all out on the Fresh Preserving Store.  Then, just enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below – it closes on 10/27. The winner will receive a limited edition case of the Ball Heritage Collection vintage blue jars (shipped). Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And tell me: do you have a Ball jar affliction? How do you rock them around your house?



  1. jenny marrs · · Reply

    oh friend. you know that i equally LOVE ball mason jars {and chalkboards, of course}! thanks for the fun giveaway! {i’m locked out of my twitter account…darn technology and i do NOT get along, as you know} and can’t get all of the entries – didn’t want you to think i just refused to follow you on twitter! love ya!

    1. XO!! This made me laugh. Love you. 🙂

  2. I love to drink from them and I have a cute craft I did with them last fall!

    1. You are KIND of the queen in that department, Jules. Love it!! XO!!

  3. These are pretty cool. I have seen the old vintage ones of this color at flea markets and I love that they are bring them back for a limited time. Just saw on epicurious today that you can buy 6 pint size for around $12.99. Great bargain!

  4. I inherited a bunch of Ball jars-blue and the regular ones and I love them, too. I have them in the craft room filled with supplies-yarn balls, buttons, stickers, rubber bands. The wide mouth jars are my absolute fave!

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