A New Look + New Adventures

Oh, hi.

I’ve been a bad food adventurer.


In my (pitiful) defense, 2013 has been a roller coaster: ups, downs, delights and disappointments.  Great food, drink and conversation have been woven throughout.  And, I have some really exciting news coming soon (later this month on The Little Magpie and Magpie Marketing) that just might put me in some scenarios where I’ll have access to some exciting new food experiences to share with you.

Burgundy Okra Bloom.  I predict you'll see these at James at the Mill.

Burgundy Okra Bloom. I predict you’ll see these at James at the Mill.

However, in the midst of riding that roller coaster, I discovered that one of my favorite things – this blog – had been sorely neglected.  Oh, I’ve posted here and there (I SO loved the series on Northern Indian Food earlier this year inspired by my friend Srividya and the chance to recently attend a great, local foodie event: Chefs in the (Botanical) Garden), but it’s mostly been a season of life where my food adventures have by and large not made it here, where they belong.  In the past few weeks alone, I have been fortunate to:

  • Discover, abashedly, that The Food Adventuress was featured as a must-read NWA food blog for 2013 by my dear friend nwaFoodie.  This caused me to hang my head at the state of this space, and that is why this post is a subtle announcement of its foodie facelift.  {Thank you, Lyndi!  I’m not worthy.}  Let me know what you think of the new, cleaner look of The Food Adventuress, in line with the paring down I’ve done in many facets of my life.


  • Oh, speaking of nwaFoodie, I also won a subscription to the new Edible Ozarkansas magazine during her blog anniversary extravaganza (have you subscribed?) and… I owe you all a sneak peak of her kitchen, which you don’t even know that I’ve been harboring.  Oh, it’s as amazing as you’d expect, and it’s coming soon, with photos from fellow bloggy friend Jenny Marrs.


  • Have mind-blowing coffee experiences with the crew at Airship Coffee in Bentonville, one of my very favorite marketing clients – take a minute to follow the Coffee Blog!  More on this soon.


  • Traipse about the gardens at Tri Cycle Farms in Fayetteville (owner Don Bennett is about the most adorable thing ever) with James At The Mill Chef Miles James and his brother Chef Lyle along with the (also adorable) photography duo of Aaron Menken and Matthew Smith from Hatch & Maas Collective, all in the name of a ridiculously fun food project for the November issue of Arkansas Life magazine, where I’m privileged to contribute.
Behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes.

  • Learn that I have a super fun giveaway coming up from Ball Canning.  Oh, yes.  It is going to be good.  You might want to stay tuned, and go ahead and check out the Fresh Preserving website.


All this to say that there is more fun in store.  If you’ve been around for a while, thanks!  I hope you like the new look.  I can barely contain my enthusiasm about the way the deep reds in all the barn and okra bloom photos (much like the title and tomatoes at the top of this site) play off the vintage-y blues of the men’s denim and the Heritage Ball Mason jars.


Happy fall – I’d love to hear about the food adventures on your radar!



  1. Of course I love it!

    It is also fun to see your topic clouds show that “life lessons,” “quick meals,” and “vegetarian” are your top three topics. Love all of that!

    Welcome back!

    1. So funny! Yes, I think topic clouds are a fun quick study. Thanks for all your support and inspiration, friend!


  2. […] by the way – you know that teaser about a Ball mason jar giveaway I mentioned in the previous post?  The UPS man brought me a box full of goodies today!  You’re going to want to stay tuned. […]

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