Top 10 NWA Food Blogs You Should Be Reading!

The goddess of all things related to food in northwest Arkansas, nwaFoodie, has listed The Food Adventuress on her annual list of the Top 10 NWA Food Blogs You Should Be Reading! for the second year running!  Stop, I’m blushing.

Actually, just let me turn around and you can butter me on the other side.  (Isn’t that a much better foodie way of saying “You’re too kind”?!)

Seriously, though – it’s some impressive company.  In fact, nwaFoodie‘s blog alone is enough to keep your tummy rumbling.  Add to her fantastic musings NINE other sites to keep you well-fed, well-informed and hungering for more?  It’s local foodie heaven.nwaFoodie

Hey – speaking of which, nwaFoodie herself is actually going to be the hostess with the mostest at a very special Foodie Friday event on August 24 at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, Arkansas.  It’s actually an add-on to the completely fabulous Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged conference (#AWBU on Twitter)!  The entire weekend is just $135 (plus your lodging, and we have a great rate on cabins) if you register before the end of July.  The Foodie Friday option is $25.Arkansas Women Bloggers

Get out there and read those foodie blogs, and plan now to join us for some face-to-face foodie fun!  I can tell you right now you won’t want to miss it – we have some fantastic activities and sessions planned and all sorts of lovely ladies you’ll want to get to know will be in attendance.  Hope to see you then!

Don’t forget to go explore the Top 10 NWA Food Blogs You Should Be Reading!



    1. Ha! Thanks, Jules!! 🙂

  1. Woo hooooooooo! Loves me food bloggin’ — Beth, you are a doll! Congrats!

    1. Love YOU! Thanks so much for the love! Back atcha!!

  2. Congrats! I didn’t even know you had a food blog. Do you sleep?

    1. Ha! Once in a while. 🙂 Actually, tremendous fan of sleep.

      Also: hello, pot? This is the kettle. You’re black.

      K thx. 🙂

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