GAAHHHH, you guys. My pal (I want to put that right out front so it doesn’t have an effect on our chances of being elected to public office together for nondisclosure) nwaFoodie included The Food Adventuress as one of her “Top Ten NWA Food Blogs of 2015.” Squeee! First, let me confess that her affection […]

Fair warning: I’m a little obsessed with January posts that I can lump into my “Nine For The New Year” category. You know all those cute (ahem, in my humble opinion) buttons along the right side of this website? Well, my Nine For The New Year enthusiasm gave me a great excuse to make sure […]

Happy 2016! You’re all being incredibly well-behaved today, right? This is the beginning of new year, new you? Well, I’m the first to admit I’m a giant fan of turning over a new leaf. I love the feeling of a blank slate and a new year, a new season or even the sense of resetting […]

There’s an eatery (bar? pub? bistro? no matter…) in Kansas City which I’m mildly obsessed with – it’s called The Jacobson. I’m fortunate to work for a company based in the Crossroads Arts District, and even more fortunate that our leadership team is fond of The Jacobson and we meander there regularly for lunch. I […]

On a recent trip back to Washington state {Two Rivers Run Through It}, I took advantage of the opportunity to stuff my face with as much Pacific Northwest goodness as humanly possible. One of the definite highlights was sinking my teeth into fruit fresh from the orchards of my hometown {Apple Of My Eye}, but […]

I am such a sucker for a farm stand. However, in full disclosure: I feel as though I hail from the mecca of all farm stands, although “hail from” may be a stretch since we moved around a bit. In fact, it makes me sound schizophrenic sometimes because I claim to be from three completely […]

Or: How Product, Place, Promotion and Price Lead To Parenting Profit. Or: How We’ve Cultivated Kids Who Eat Well (Most Of The Time) This is not an “I’ve got it all figured out, so gather round and listen to my wisdom” kind of post. I’m very aware these days of the idea that everyone is […]