I am such a sucker for a farm stand. However, in full disclosure: I feel as though I hail from the mecca of all farm stands, although “hail from” may be a stretch since we moved around a bit. In fact, it makes me sound schizophrenic sometimes because I claim to be from three completely […]


Or: How Product, Place, Promotion and Price Lead To Parenting Profit. Or: How We’ve Cultivated Kids Who Eat Well (Most Of The Time) This is not an “I’ve got it all figured out, so gather round and listen to my wisdom” kind of post. I’m very aware these days of the idea that everyone is […]


In the summer of 1999, my new husband and I boarded a plane in Dallas the day after our wedding to meander our way toward our honeymoon on the isle of Martinique, part of the Lesser Antilles in the French Caribbean. We eventually landed on the island of St. Lucia after an overnight stop in San Juan, […]


I’m a sucker for a foodie flick (as illustrated by my Top Foodie Flicks post), and my family knows it. So, on a recent Saturday night when I was happily ensconced by the fireplace with a magazine and a glass of wine, I knew they had my number when they started snickering and told me […]


There is very little I love as much as seafood, and crabmeat is way at the top of the list. So when I found some lump crab meat at Sam’s Club recently, I scooped it right up. Sam’s really is a great go-to for seafood (as illustrated by our incredible ahi tuna on Valentine’s Day), […]


Our oldest daughter – now 11 – has been in and around the kitchen at The Good House a good part of her life. For several years, she’s made a substantial fair season income tending to the neighbors’ chickens, and she’s done plenty of cooking (and assisting) on and off since she was old enough […]


This past Valentine’s Day, we once again outsourced the kids and made plans to visit our favorite local place for a delicious meal: our house. I’ve written before about staying in with your sweetheart, and I can honestly say that it would take a lot of convincing for us to do things differently after so […]


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